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Art Jewelry Symposium 2021

Make plans to watch the upcoming Art Jewelry Symposium! April 16 - 23, 2021

Take your jewelry making skills to the next level! Have fun and win. Over 28 online workshops with the most amazing artists for free. Amazing artists from several countries. Each workshop will be available to watch for 24 hrs.

On April 21, 2021 starting at 9:00am MDT, I'll demonstrate how to use the foil method of stained glass to create keepsake jewelry like is shown in the photo.

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Coming in March 2021! How to make stained glass garden art!

Join me March 8 - 10, 2021 for this fun stained glass course

I'll demonstrate how to make this beautiful monarch butterfly for your garden.

Reserve your space now at CuriousMondo.com Purchase the full course and you'll receive some great extras which inclued a list of all the materials we'll use and patterns for all the garden art pictured on the sign up page, as well as bonus content!


Making a Mosaic

People ask how I get inspiration. The truth is, it comes from all over, but it really starts to form in that space between being awake and sleep. When my mind is free to wander. The Bison Skull Mosaic came from that half awake state.

Be Mine: Making My Own Sweethearts

You may not know, but the makers of the original conversation hearts, Necco, went out of business in 2018. There were other candy hearts with messages, but not the original, chalky tasting ones that people love, but never eat. Then the conversation heart business was saved when Spangler swooped in. However, when they started production, there was a glitch in the system and most of the hearts were blank! Sweethearts Conversation Hearts Are Back, But They're Not Very Chatty

Lighting a Cold Winter Night

Lanterns are really popular with stained glass artists. If you look online you'll see hundreds of inspired and creative designs. It's a great example of how each artist responds to the same challenge in their own unique way.

The perameters I was given for this project were: Winter scene, peach and light blue.

Creating Memorial Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a wonderful way to memorialize a friend, relative or a cherished pet. I've had the honor of making several memorial wind chimes and each time it's a challenge to create something unique that represents the family member.

How To Reclaim Your Flux Corroded Tools

If you've been working with stained glass for any length of time, you know what flux can do to your favorite tools.


Flux corroded tools look oxidized and don't move freely, sometimes not at all. You don't want to buy new tools every time this happens.

I did a little research (so you wouldn't have to) and this is what worked for me.

1. Put your tools in a plastic container and fill it with white vinegar until it covers the tools.

Moravian Stars - Advanced Stained Glass

Coming this August! Reserve your space now and learn how to make a variety of geometic star ornaments!


Morovian Stars - Advanced Stained Glass

Advanced Stained Glass - 4-Panel Lamp ~ Sign Up Now!

Join me for a fun class learning how to make a 4-Panel Stained Glass Lamp!

Coming Live! February 4, 5, & 6, 2019 Advanced Stained Glass - 4-Panel Lamp

We'll be making a 4-panel lampshade and learning how to add decorative embelishments. I'll share tips and tricks for assembling 4 and 6 panel lampshades.

Learn more and reserve your space Advanced Stained Glass – 4-Panel Lamp

Watch it live or purchase the course and revceive additional bonus content!


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