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Make Your Own Glass Nuggets!

Making glass nuggets for your stained glass projects is easy if you own your own kiln. Premade niggets come in a limited color range, don't let that limit your creativity! And you can make your own eyes as well! How many times have you wanted to make a project with an animal but worried how to make eyes?

Above are animal eyes, red berries, and miscelleanous nuggets.

When glass melts and cools again it seeks the same thickness - approximately 1/4 inch. All the nuggets above are the same thickness. All of them were created from small squares of glass stacked one on top of the other, two to three layers deep. Finished size varies based on the size of the squares and the "volume" of glass.  Some experimenting is necessary to get the result you desire.

This is the firing schedule I use (all temperatures are farenheit):

Ramp 1 - 500°/ Hour -> 1100° Hold 10 minutes

Ramp 2 - 250°/ Hour -> 1300° Hold 10 minutes

Ramp 3 - AFAP -> 1475° Hold 15 Minutes

Ramp 4 - 150°/Hour  -> 1030° Hold 30 Minutes

Ramp 5 - 99°/Hour -> 600° Hold 0 Minutes