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Be Mine: Making My Own Sweethearts

You may not know, but the makers of the original conversation hearts, Necco, went out of business in 2018. There were other candy hearts with messages, but not the original, chalky tasting ones that people love, but never eat. Then the conversation heart business was saved when Spangler swooped in. However, when they started production, there was a glitch in the system and most of the hearts were blank! Sweethearts Conversation Hearts Are Back, But They're Not Very Chatty

This kind of story appeals to me and got my creative juices flowing. I was going to make my own Conversation Hearts!

I've used Fusing Photo Paper for a lot of projects - reproducing images, words, and actual photos on glass. The secret for gettting this paper to work is using a laser printer that has a high iron content in the toner. I have an HP Laser Jet printer that I use just for making fusible decals. Pro tip - before printing your photo paper, print a few pieces of regular paper to warm up the printer.

After cutting the individual sayings and soaking them in water, I applied the resulting water slide decals to the small glass hearts I'd pre-cut. The decals have to dry before going into the kiln

After firing them, the look good enough to eat!

Darker color (red and purple) hearts are silent. Most of the hearts have a wire loop in the top so they can be a pendant or put on key ring.


These were available shortly before Valentine's Day 2020 and made a lot of Valentines smile.