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Here are the items of Red Dragon Glass available for sale online from Red Dragon Glass.

Prices are listed below. If you see something you like, shoot me an email Cheryl mentioning the item(s) you are interested in. Please include your shipping information at that time to help me calculate shipping.

Payment can be made via PayPal or Square Invoice. Shipping will be calculated on each transaction and I'll let you know how much that will be. Unless otherwise arranged, shipping will be via FedEx Home delivery. Please note that since each item is unique sales are first come, first served.

As the list of items for sale via this site grows I'll attempt to make browsing easier. Below are Quick Links to what you can find on this page:

Dragonflies - Star Sun Catchers -  Wind Chimes - Dragons, Gargoyles and Other Mythical Creatures - Jewelry

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My dragonflies are unique sun catchers with forks for bodies. Hang them indoors or outside, it's up to you! Large Dragonflies (approx 8 inch wing span) are constructed from vintage flatware or sterling. Small Dragonflies (approx 5 inch wing span) are constructed from stainless steel baby forks. If you have family silver and don't know what to do with it, this is a great way to showcase your heirlooms and share them with your family.

Currently out of stock - please check back later




Star Sun Catchers

Star sun catchers are fused glass ornaments approximately 6" wide. The have a hanging loop fused into the glass for strength and safety. All star sun catchers come in attractive gift packaging complete with protective padding.

Cyan Blue with Gold - $30.00


Pale Blue Triangles with Blue - $30.00


Purlpe with Gold - $30.00


Smokey Gray with Silver - $30.00

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are constructed from a variety of items - from "found" wood, to yak bone beads, replica coins, Czech glass beads, faux pearls and fused glass. They can withstand strong wind and have a pleasant sounding chime. Small and Medium chimes are approx. 9 inches wide by 9 inches tall. Large chimes are approx. 9 inches wide by 14 inches tall.


Blue/Lilac/Purple Czech Glass - $35.00



Large Amber Horses - $55.00


Large Black & White Skeletons - $55.00


Large Cranberry Feathers - $55.00




Dragons, Gargoyles and Other Mythical Creatures

These figurines are made from cast metal bodies and I attach stained glass wings. Large Flying Dragons measure up to 7" across. Standing and Flying Dragons are abour 4" x 4". Gargoyles wingspan is approximately 5" across and the Flying Pig is a very petite 4" x 4". These are delicate works of art and must be treated with great care. Flying creatures come with a hook for hanging.

Large Lavendar Flying Dragon - $55.00


Large Red Flying Dragon - $55.00


Rose Standing Dragon - $55.00


Orange Flying Dragon - $55.00


Purple Flying Dragon - $55.00


Red Gargoyle - $55.00



German Silver is an alloy prized for it's lusterous shine, strength, durability and resistance to tarnish. This alloy contains copper, zinc and a tiny bit of nickle - the earring hooks do not contain nickle.


The glass pieces used to make these earrings aren't identical - so there are differences between each earring. Think of it this way: They are sisters, but not twins

Large Blue/Gold/Black - $30

Large Blue/Yellow/Red - $30

Large Green/Gold - $30.00

Large Green/Gold/White/Red - $30.00


Small Red/Lavender/Clear - $30.00




Adjustible Link Bracelets - Fits up to 8" wrist

Dark Green/Green Link - $40.00

Dark Green/Red/Green Link - $40.00

Green/White Link - $40.00

Yellow/Green/White Links - $40.00

Bangle Bracelets - A loop with a hook fits up to a 7" wrist

Simple Bangle Black/Gold/Blue - $35.00

Ornate Bangle Blue/Gold/Black - $35.00

Ornate Bangle Gold/Blue/Black - $35.00

Ornate Bangle Gold/White/Green - $35.00

Simple Bangle Red/Green/Gold - $35.00

Simple Bangle Gold/Black/Blue/White/Blue - $35.00

Cuff Bracelets - Flexible cuffs fit almost any size wrist

Ornate Green Cuff - $35.00

Simple Blue/Green Cuff - $35.00


Simple Lime/Green/Blue Cuff- $35.00

Slide Necklaces - Slides are flexible and expand to fit around the nece

Figure 8 Slide, Green Multi Heart Pendant - $35.00


Low Bend Slide, Blue/Gold/Rust Swirl Pendant - $35.00

V-Slide, Yellow/Blue/White/Gold Multi Pendant - $35.00