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Weaving an Illusion

I've been sampling glass for an upcoming project and one of the ideas I've had rolling around in my brain is creating the illusion of plaid fabric. The basic idea is to use various colors of stringer (thin rods of glass) to create plaid stripes. I was testing two methods of so I started out with two pieces of clear glass for the base.

Breaking the stringer into lengths the size of the glass square, I anchored them in place with Elmer's School Glue.

I laid out the full plaid on one side of the first piece of glass, but only on one side of the second piece of glass. I'm testing how the stringer maintains the pattern as it melts. As the glue sets up it holds the stringer in place and I don't end up playing and insane game of pick-up sticks.

I'm just going to tack fuse the stringer in place. "Tack fuse" is heating the glass just enough to tack the two surfaces of glass together and not completely fuse them smooth.

Out of the kiln and the results were better than I anticipated. There was a little separation in the top layer of stringer but I think it's acceptable.

But what's a test without finishing? So I turned the second piece of glass over and laid the cross stripes out on the back side, and put it back in the kiln for another tack fuse.

Side by side, either one looks fine. I believe we have achieved plaid. But as much as I prefer the one on the left, I think I'll stick with the one on the right if I can get away with it. :-)