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A Real Angry Bird

I've been a bird owner for years. Anyone who knows birds knows they really do have moods. Angry birds isn't just an amusing game. This piece was inspired by a photo of a Macaw that, to me, looked unamused. It was a little different than the previous pieces because there was more white areas. I'd finally get to use Green Black for shading.

As always I started with a color sketch so I'd have plan for glass cutting and my black outline.

Cut glass - clear is used for white and black becomes blue and purple

Into the kiln for a full fuse and it's ready to start painting

This time the black line included some detail around the eye area - flash fuse to set the paint.

I applied Green Black paint just to the clear/white areas instead of the entire piece - no point in wasting paint - and created the first shadows, then flash fuse.

And then on with the regular process. The darkest tones go next and flash fuse.

Finally the midtones are applied and I'm done. Into the kiln for the final, full fuse and it's ready to be framed.