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Lighting: It's Old, It's New, But It's Old

I'm doing renovations to my house. I don't really want to gut the house and start over but most of the fixtures are original, late 70s design and I was at a loss what to do. One example would be the lighting in the master bath.

Not a high traffic area so it wasn't a huge priority... until inspiration mowed me over like a freight train. When I'm done I may give tours to everyone who comes over to the house.
If I've learned nothing else from Pinerest, I've learned there is a billion and one uses for mason jars - and I happen to have a billion, and one, in my storage room. After a little testing I found that the wide mouth jars were the perfect size to replace the glass in the existing fixtures.

The next brilliant (see what I did there?) idea was that I'd need to cut the bottom of the jar off. I don't know what this was so important to me, but it had to be done. I took them to my partner in glass hijinks Jodi from Glass With a Past to have her use her amazing tile saw.

She cut the bottom off each bottle and then smoothed the glass - saving me the hassle of using a diamond pad to sand each one by hand.

With the bottles cut and smooth, I needed to do something about the fixture itself. There isn't anything horribly wrong with it. It just needs to be "refreshed."

Out came my trusty can of Rustoleum Professional, Flat Black. After cleaning the dust off, I began to paint... and paint

Two pendant lights, chain and the wall attachment, as well as a ceiling fixture. All painted and left to dry over night.

Naturally, my plan it to re-gold them. A tube of Rub'n Buff Gold and I was ready to rub some gold highlights back on the hardward.

Finally, to complete the "old" look I added 60W Edison light bulbs from my lighting hook-up Chadwick Design Lighting. Now I've got some amazing New/Old light fixtures.

So if you come to my house and I drag you into the master bath just to check out these lights, I apologize in advance.