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A Labor of Love

This commission has been under wraps during the creation process because it was a surprise for the recipient. Now that Christmas has passed I can share it with you.

A collaboration between the customer and myself - they provided a basic concept and I applied it to the final design. The process involves sketching and approval, editing and more approval. Having worked with this customer before on a previous project we'd already established a rapport.

Regardless of the planning and visualization, it's always exciting to see a project take shape and realize that it will be everything you had hoped.

And finally when it's complete this piece is ready to be installed as a transom window over two large windows that overlook scenic meadows and mountains. Something the family can enjoy every day for a life time...

But before any of that can happen it had to reach its destination. That required some creative crating before it could be shipped to it's final destination.

The glass is heavily padded and protected within the crate. Layers of foam insulation, cardboard and bubble wrap keep it safe for travel.

Then sealed and ready to ship.